Commercial Drinking Water SystemsDrinking Water

Public drinking water has become more of an mainstream concern in modern day America and people are becoming more aware of what might be in their drinking water. Our solution is in providing bottle-less pure water dispensers that use reverse osmosis and ozone technology to provide the cleanest drinking water possible without the hassle of 5 gallon jugs.


Each Bottle-less Water System Includes the Following:

  • Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis System that purifies water to medical grade level.
  • Ozone Storage Tank Sterilizer to keep the storage tank clean and free of bacteria.
  • Leak Detection System which automatically shuts off the supply to the cooler in the unlikely event of a leak.
  • Hot Cold and Room Temperature Selection Buttons
For larger Offices, American Aqua Systems, Inc. can provide a custom system to meet the demand of your facility which will include a central pure water system which can supply coolers throughout the building. Call us to discuss what solution would be best for your office.

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