American Aqua Systems, Inc. Custom Manufactured Pure Water Systems

In addition to being a distributor of many different products from well known companies in the Pure Water industry, American Aqua has designed and continues to manufacture its own custom systems, designed to fit specific needs in the industry. These systems are both innovative and superior in quality. Below are a few examples of systems engineered by us American Aqua:

Maxi & Mini Series Laboratory Cabinets

Originally designed to be a turnkey provider of  water for analyzer equipment (Roche, Beckman, etc) commonly used in laboratories, the Maxi and Mini have proven themselves to be the ideal solution for providing ASTM Type I & Type II water for labs of any size in a compact, easy to operate system on wheels. Simply roll the Mini or Maxi in, connect to your high purity loop and you will have 24 / 7 / 365 operation, with all necessary performance data and other vital water quality information on easy to read monitors and gauges. These systems are currently being used in a wide spectrum of lab environments throughout New England research facilities.            

The Maxi Series


The Mini Series

LE Series Reverse Osmosis System

LE stands for Low Energy as this American Aqua Systems, Inc. manufactured design can run 24/7 on a standard, single phase outlet verses a 3 phase power source like most typical RO Systems. The LE series can be customized to your needs and is currently being used in central sterilization, infectious control and in pharmaceutical manufacturing. This system can produce around 150 GPH of high purity water given its current design making it an ideal center piece for a full scale, pure water system. With the proper pretreatment and preventative maintenance, these membrane systems can run worry free for many years

Bottle-less Water Coolers - visit our Commercial Drinking Water page to learn more.

Say "No to Jugs" with one of these Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems that once plumbed into your facilities existing water supply and drainage can produce 75 gallons a day of high purity water with no more heavy jugs to lift or valuable storage space to take up. A filter change once a year is generally all these system need making it a cost effective and healthier alternative to bottled systems.