Who We Are

American Aqua Systems, Inc. is a design build specialist of high purity water systems used throughout the medical, scientific and industrial industries. In addition to providing custom built, pure water solutions, American Aqua Systems offers a wide range of services including preventative maintenance and supplies such has Deionized resins, membranes, filters and pumps to commercial drinking water systems for businesses.

In our 30 year history, American Aqua Systems, Inc. has served clients all over New England, many of which we still proudly serve today.

What We Do

Medical Waters

Medical Waters

  • Medical Engineering
  • Central Sterilization
  • Medical Research Laboratories


  • Protected Water Systems (POE)
  • Facilities Management
  • Waste Water Recovery
Biotech/Life Sciences

Biotechnology/Life Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Chemistry Research Laboratories
  • Reagent Grade Water Systems


  • Laboratory Systems
  • Animal Watering Systems
  • Consultation for Educational Applications
Commercial Drinking Water

Commercial Drinking Water

  • Bottle-less Pure Water Dispensers
  • Commercial Drinking Water Systems
  • Food and Beverage Industry
Custom Equipment and Services

Custom Equipment & Services

  • Turnkey Lab Systems
  • Custom RODI Skids
  • DI Regeneration & Membrane Cleaning

Now Serving All of New England

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York


January 2016 - American Aqua Systems, Inc. is featured as the Dealer of the Month for the Water Quality Products magazine. Read the article here:


May 2016 - American Aqua Systems, Inc. has recently completed the design and install of three separate systems for New England Hospitals requiring upgrades to their Central Processing/Sterilization Departments. 

June 2016 - American Aqua Systems, Inc. completed the installation of URI's new College of Chemistry & Forensic Science Pure Water Systems to supply all the research labs.