Hospital Water Purification - Pathology Lab

Published 01/10/2020

American Aqua was asked by a local hospital to review their current water purification equipment, supplying their entire Pathology Department on two separate floors. The previous setup involved 3 separate water systems, with the one pictured below on the left, serving as a backup for the two others on the floor below. Upon review, it was determined that this system was grossly oversized for the volume of water needed, even when being used as a backup. The 8 GPM RO would maybe run an hour a week and the 300-gallon storage tank would rarely turnover its storage which can have negative impacts on water quality. Here are the before and after shots. As you can see, the room cleaned up nicely with the installation of our Mini Series RODI Lab Cabinet and the lab hasn’t missed a beat since going online with American Aqua.



hospital after