DEF Manufacturing - Pure Water

Published 03/06/2020

Today, almost all commercial and domestic diesel vehicles require DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid to mitigate pollutants from their exhaust. The American Petroleum Industry (API) standard is for pure water to be used to manufacture DEF. Early last year, American Aqua Systems, Inc. was hired by a local oil, lubricants and DEF manufacturer to design a RODI system so that they could begin manufacturing 100% of their DEF products in house in turn maximizing profit and manufacturing efficiency. Utilizing a refurbished Osmonics brand RODI system, this company is now making a million gallons of DEF per year for a fraction of the cost of their old method while producing a superior quality product now used all over New England. Plans are to evenutally develop DEF plants at their other locations on the east coast of the using the same design concepts provided by American Aqua Systems.